New language repository

Compose* has been in development since 2003. In the past years a lot of research has been performed on various aspects of composition filters and the Compose* tool. The result of this research required various changes to the various parts of a core part of the Compose* too: the CPS language repository (which contains an AST of the Compose* language, and various other information produced by the tool). These changes were not always possible in the most gracious way. The language repository could be improved in a lot of ways.

Compose* v0.8.3 released

Compose* version 0.8.3 has been released for the following platforms:

  • Java + Eclipse 3.2/3.3
  • .NET 1.1
  • .NET 2.0+ (StarLight)

This release contains various improvements to the core of Compose*, and a lot of fixes for the Java port.

Visit the download section to download the various releases and installation instructions.