New language repository

Compose* has been in development since 2003. In the past years a lot of research has been performed on various aspects of composition filters and the Compose* tool. The result of this research required various changes to the various parts of a core part of the Compose* too: the CPS language repository (which contains an AST of the Compose* language, and various other information produced by the tool). These changes were not always possible in the most gracious way. The language repository could be improved in a lot of ways.

This has lead to the redesign of the CPS language repository. Because this repository is used by almost every part of the Compose* tool, changing this has a major impact. Recently the work has begun to design and implement the new repository. This work is being performed in the trunk of the SVN. A branch has been made for the old CPS language repository design (which has been used up to (and including) the 0.8 versions of Compose*).

The URL of the branch for the old repository design is:
This branch includes the old, and now deprecated, ports for .NET 1.1 and the original C port. On the buildserver this branch is build under the name composestar. The new repository is build under the name composestar.r2.

At this moment the code from the trunk does not compile. This is due to fact that all modules have to be updated to use the new repository. The migration to the new repository design is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2008. Because the project does not compile it has been disabled in the buildserver.