Compose* v0.9.5 released

A new release of Compose* is now available. You may notice that 0.9.4 of Compose* was never announced, this was due to massive changes to the file release system of There have not been many changes in 0.9.5 with respect to 0.9.4, the main change was an update to the installer for StarLight. In the 0.9.4 release there were quite some changes. The most notable change was to the runtime of Compose*/Java. It now uses a different method to bootstrap the runtime environment. With this new method the runtime will be initialized when a modified class is loaded (which depends on the runtime). See the change log for more information.

Visit the download section to download the various releases and installation instructions.

Change log
Changes since 0.9.4:

  • improved installer for StarLight

Changes since 0.9.3:

  • The Compose* Runtime Interpreter (for Java)) is now initialized using a different method. It is no longer required to specify the "main" class, and thus the application can start from any class and get a properly initialized runtime.
  • Fixed the Java stub/dummy generator to properly support:
    • static imports
    • assert keyword
    • enum keyword
  • Updated various libraries (Groove 3.2.2, Javassist 3.10)
  • Fixed a concurrency issue in the serializer for the Java runtime repository
  • Various small fixes