Compose* v0.9.2 released

A new release of Compose* is now available. This release contains quite a number of fixes for all ports. An overview of all the changes is available in the full text of this entry (click the "read more" link).

A few notable changes are (besides a lot of bug fixes): the SECRET module is back, ReifiedMessage.respond() is supported again.

Visit the download section to download the various releases and installation instructions.

Changes since 0.9.1:

  • Added content information about the current Filter and matched FilterElement in the INLINE model. This can be useful in the development of code generators for custom filter actions.
  • Added a source package for the Compose*/Java Runtime Interpreter. This makes debugging of the interpreter easier, and also gives extra information about various runtime objects during the development of custom filters, and advice/meta actions.
  • The ReifiedMessage.respond() action is now fully supported by Compose*/Java. Note: that using this functionality requires the "threaded interpreter". You can set which interpreter to use in the project's property page.
  • Both ['foo', 'bar'] and {'foo', 'bar'} are now accepted as lists on the right hand side of matching operators. The former format is prefered.
  • Filters can now have a result value (either True,False, or by default unset). This result value can be set by filter actions. The result of filters is used to set the result of filter modules. The ';' filter composition operator serves as a soft-AND:
    1.   soft-AND | True  | False | Unset
    2.   --------------------------------
    3.   True     | True  | False | True
    4.   False    | False | False | False
    5.   Unset    | True  | False | Unset
  • The FilterModule now has a method called getDeclaredName() which returns the name of the FilterModule as it was originally declared. During the resolving of filter module parameters the filter modules will receive a unique name.
  • Various bug fixes to the Compose*/C weaver
  • Added support for output filters in Compose*/C
  • Various bug fixes to the Compose*/Java dummy generator
  • The SECRET module has updated for the canonical notation. Note that the configuration has changed a bit. The target and selector resources are now named and message.selector . Custom message properties are now also processed.
  • Filtermodules can now be superimposed more than once on a single class.
  • Improved the weaving strategy for Compose*/Java so that more methods are intercepted by the interpreter