Compose* v0.9.0 released

Compose* v0.9.0 marks a new era in the history of Compose*. Starting from this release a new syntax for the concerns will be used. The syntax used in previous releases can still be used, but it will be phased out in the future. This new syntax (dubbed "canonical notation"), will affect the notation of the "filter elements". This new syntax provides more freedom in expression of the messages which should be accepted by the filter. More information about the new syntax is available here.

Visit the download section to download the various releases and installation instructions.

Because of the new syntax we also decided to overhaul one of the core internal data structures: the language repository (or "repository" in short). The new repository has been build from scratch, taking into account the new Compose* language constructions which have been created in the past few years.

Because of the changes in the syntax and repository the runtime interpreter, which is used by Compose*/Java, has also been rewritten from scratch. The performance and stability of the new interpreter is much better.

Due to the changes in the Compose* language the SECRET module (Semantic reasoning over resource operations) is disabled. This is due to required changes to the resource operation model to cope with the new language functionality. We hope to enable this module in the near future.

Changes since 0.8.6:

  • Introduced the canonical notation syntax
  • Reconstruction of the "language repository"
  • Brand new runtime interpreter for Compose*/Java
  • Various minor bug fixes