Compose* v0.8.3 released

Compose* version 0.8.3 has been released for the following platforms:

  • Java + Eclipse 3.2/3.3
  • .NET 1.1
  • .NET 2.0+ (StarLight)

This release contains various improvements to the core of Compose*, and a lot of fixes for the Java port.

Visit the download section to download the various releases and installation instructions.

Change list

  • naming collision fix when a concern and class share the name
  • various small bug fixes
  • improved the FILTH module
    • include/exclude constraints are now fully supported
    • skip/cond constraints can be simulated
    • better constraint violated error reporting
    • structural constrait conflicts are now detected
  • conformed module names
  • Module settings are now injected when the fields are annotated (@ModuleSetting)
  • Compose* modules are now annotated with meta information using the @ComposestarModule annotation.
  • INCRE has been replaces with TASMAN for the task management. TASMAN provides a simple framework for parallel execution of tasks. TASMAN itself will execute the Compose* modules as configured, supporting parallel execution of modules according to system resources. TASMAN also respects module dependencies: if a module does not return "ok" all depending modules will be disabled. Modules can produce a non-fatal result.


  • Java compiler service will be used when it is available, otherwise javac will be called. When Compose*/Java compilation is started from Eclipse the Eclipse Java Compiler will be used. So when using Eclipse, JDK1.6 is no longer required.
  • Various fixes in the dummy generator:
    • various fixes concerning annotations
    • field initializer no longer causes problems
    • parent constructors called correctly
  • Fixed weaving of the platform initializer
  • intermediate files are now stored in ".composestar" rather than a "obj" directory
  • fixed bug #1941893; output and source paths can now be the same, and also the project's root path (not adviced).
  • Compose* warnings/errors are added to the Eclipse problem list
  • Fixed the runtime library for Compose*/Java to only require the ComposestarRuntimeInterpreter.jar file
  • java compiler settings in the project configuration are now passed on to Compose* (-source and -target).