Introductory tutorial: Employee example

 This introductory tutorial consists of:

  1. set of Powerpoint slides with accompanying notes
  2. source code.

It can be downloaded and used in several forms:

Canonical Filter Syntax

Starting from Compose* version 0.9.0 a new syntax for concern definitions is used. The old syntax can still be used, internally it will be rewritten to the new syntax.

Proper documentation of the new syntax is currently not available. So for the time being you will have to do it with the annotation reference manual, and the draft for the canonical filter specification.
Note: the draft document does contain some errors and contains information about features that are not (yet) available.

Additional information is also available in the slides of an internal presentation about the Compose* project:

Annotated Reference Manual

Each chapter of the ARM handles a part of the Compose* language. In each chapter there is first an abstract of what that particular part of the language should do. After that the syntax and the semantics are demonstrated. How it can be used is shown in the examples. After that the legality rules and the FAQ are stated.

The how, what, and the design decisions are mentioned in the comments. If added there can also be specific platform comments for each Compose* platform.

When there is more to read about a chapter then this is mentioned in the “further reading” section of a chapter.

Download the latest version